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Celebrate National Seafood Bisque Day October 19th – Blue Water Fish

Celebrate National Seafood Bisque Day October 19th

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National Seafood Bisque Day is celebrated on October 19th. It's the perfect reminder to enjoy some delicious Lobster Bisque at Blue Water Fish. Enjoy Tom’s Signature Lobster Bisque as a delightful start to a full seafood meal. Or as a main dish served on a crisp Autumn day. Either way, Lobster Bisque is always a tasty delight.
History of National Seafood Bisque Day
While many people enjoy a chunky clam chowder, bisque is a sumptuous soup. It is much smoother with a silkier texture. Chef makes his Signature Lobster Bisque from Canadian Lobster shells. He roasts them, then sautés in sherry wine. Chef Tom roasts for flavor instead of using a soup base like most everyone else. The sherry wine is from California. It’s a classic wine for bisque – darker and sweeter.
Historians believe that seafood bisque originated as a dish for French fishermen in the 17th century. The intent was to get the most flavor out of the shells of the seafood. Some historians trace the name “Bisque” to the Bay of Biscay, located on France’s west coast and Spain’s north coast. In the 19th century, a famous chef decided to use lobster as the main ingredient for seafood bisque. This luxurious soup has become a delightful addition to seafood menus all over the world.
Seafood bisque is no longer an efficient way for local fishermen to use up all parts of their catch. Today, seafood bisque has turned into something a bit higher end. Served in seafood restaurants or made at home, seafood bisque is definitely a dish worth celebrating.

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