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Cook Perfect Fish Event a Big Success – Blue Water Fish

Cook Perfect Fish Event a Big Success

Cook Perfect Fish Event at Blue Water Fish Market
The biggest questions we get from our customers are not only how to select the perfect fish, but also how best to cook it.

So, we opened the BLUE WATER SCHOOL OF FISH to help our customers learn to select and cook the perfect fish every time.

We kicked off this initiative by inviting our friends at Cornell Cooperative's LOCAL F.I.S.H. to host the COOK PERFECT FISH event at Blue Water Fish. The event was held on Friday, April 1, 2022.

In 2019, Cornell Cooperative Extension received a grant from the USDA to encourage consumers to “Choose Local F.I.S.H." because it is: Fresh. Indigenous. Sustainable. Healthy. Catchy title, no?

According to Cornell:
  • Purchasing locally caught seafood ensures that the product you are buying is sustainably harvested and in compliance with strict U.S. fishing and food regulations.
  • Choosing local seafood benefits local economies by creating and maintaining jobs for fishermen, processors, and wholesalers.
  • Locally caught seafood has a low carbon footprint when compared to imported seafood, which also results in a fresher and a better tasting product.
  • Consuming seafood at least twice per week also contributes to a healthier diet.
We couldn't agree more. Thank you all for attending. 

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