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Blue Water Fish - Secret #5 – Visual Inspection

Blue Water Fish - Secret #5 – Visual Inspection

Seafood, Fresh Seafood Market on Long Island New YorkOver the past forty-years, Blue Water Fish has developed a network of trusted local Long Island fisherman from whom they source the freshest fish possible for their market and seafood specials. Blue Water not only often goes out to the docks to source fresh fish for its market, but also gets fresh fish delivered daily right from the docks to its store. After more than four decades as a fishmonger, Blue Water’s Chef Tom can tell the quality of the day’s catch (or lack thereof) simply by visually inspecting the fish. He has been known to send shipments back that do not meet his high standards.

What does Chef Tom look for? For tuna and swordfish – it’s red bloodlines. For flounder – it’s a pure white color. Flounder that is gray in color is not good – but – a flounder’s gray color should not be confused with dark skinned flounder. Their pigment changes, making them light on their belly side and dark on their back—a type of camouflage called countershading.

In general, fish have to be firm not soft, mushy or falling apart, if Blue Water is to offer them for sale.