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Canadian Salmon Burger – Blue Water Fish

Canadian Salmon Burger

  • 18.00
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Experience the bounty of the sea with Blue Water’s house-special Canadian Salmon Burger. Expertly crafted from fresh Canadian salmon, our burger patty is seasoned to perfection with a unique blend of herbs and spices, enhancing the naturally rich flavors of the salmon.
Each salmon patty is delicately grilled to seal in the juices, achieving a light, enticing char on the outside. Nestled in a fresh, soft roll, and adorned with crisp lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes, onion, and our house-made tangy tartar sauce, it promises an exceptional medley of flavors and textures.
Accompanying this delectable burger is a serving of our handcrafted French-fried potatoes served to a golden-brown perfection. Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, these fries deliver the perfect balance of flavor.
Come on down to Blue Water Fish. Settle in, relax, and let the flavors of our Canadian Salmon Burger whisk you away to the breezy, scenic Canadian coastlines with each delicious bite.