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Gulf of Maine Sea Scallops – Blue Water Fish
Gulf of Maine Sea Scallops

Gulf of Maine Sea Scallops

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Please call us at 1-631-886-2715 or fill out the form below.


Please fill out the form and clearly specify how much of each fresh fish you would like to order in the message box. For example, "one pound of Salmon Fillet," "1/2 pound of Flounder," "2 pounds of Cold Water Cod" or "one pound of Montauk Tuna and two pounds of Striped Bass." Please indicate "a little over" or "a little under" for each. " We will do our best to get as close as possible to the weight you want, but we cannot guarantee an exact weight.


We will call you back during business hours to confirm your order with the exact weight and take your payment information.

Gulf of Maine Sea Scallops are often considered superior to other scallops because of the unique environmental conditions in the cold, clean waters of the Gulf of Maine. Waters providing the ideal conditions for scallops to thrive and grow, resulting in larger and more succulent sushi-grade scallops with a sweet, delicate flavor.
Additionally, the scallops from this region are typically harvested by fishermen using traditional, sustainable methods such as hand-diving or using small boats with dredges, which results in a higher quality product compared to scallops that are harvested using larger, industrial methods.
The Gulf of Maine is also home to a number of marine conservation efforts and regulations, which helps to ensure that the scallop populations remain healthy and sustainable over time.

Overall, the combination of favorable environmental conditions, sustainable harvesting methods, and conservation efforts make Gulf of Maine Sea Scallops a premium product that is highly sought after by seafood connoisseurs.